The CBS Children's Film Festival
1975-1976 Season

On Snow White
Also known as: O Snehurce, Snow-White

Czechoslovakia 1972 71min
Broadcast 09/06/75, 01/17/76
Directed by: Vera Pl¨ªvov¨¢-Simkov¨¢

A sensitive girl named Katka likes to imagine herself in a fairytale land. Her fantasies are mirrored in real life when her classmates spend a creative summer staging their own version of the classic Grimm fairytale. Drama results from the assignment of the various roles.

Marie Moravcov¨¢........Katka
V¨¢clav Babka........Smetaeek
Frantisek Hus¨¢k........Bidlo
Petr Pulpan........Jerry


What Next?
Also known as: What¡¯s next?

United Kingdom 1974 60min
Broadcast 09/13/75, 02/07/76
Directed by: Peter Smith

A young boy from London named Donald is struck hard on the head and knocked unconscious. When he recovers, Donald finds that he has the ability to predict events moments before they occur. The predictions come forth in cryptic rhyme, and the first one involves the theft of a yellow mini-car. Donald and his friends take this information to the police, who are unimpressed. But a reporter named Barry Murdock is interested, and he and the boys decide to do some detective work based on Donald¡¯s predictions. The group uses this new talent to help the police to catch a criminal mastermind who is also a prominent, well-respected businessman.

Perry Benson........Ted
Laurence Carter........Reporter
Charles Cork........Spider
James Cossins........Phelps
Janet Davies........Mother

Notes: A Children's Film Foundation Production

The Camerons

Australia 1974 60min
Broadcast 09/27/75, 04/24/76, 08/07/76
Directed by: Frederick Wilson

Three children start their summer vacation with a train trip to their aunt's farm and end up discovering a plot to sabotage a secret military project. Their adventure starts when their camera is mysteriously stolen. The children later stumble upon a cave in a restricted area and overhear two men plotting sinister deeds. The police are called but do nothing. The children return and learn that the two men who took their camera on the train are working with the saboteurs.

Paul Kelly........Neil
Joseph McKenna........Donald
Elissa Watssman........Vicky
Joan Fitzpatrick........Aunt Jane
Bill Denniston........Police Inspector

Notes: A Children's Film Foundation Production

Captain Mikula,
the Kid

Also known as: Kapetan Mikula Mali, Kapteeni Mikula,
Pravi Mikula Mali je Frane Toma, Kapitan Mikua May

Yugoslavia 1974 91min
Broadcast 10/04/75, 04/17/76
Directed by: Obrad Gluscevic

In late 1943 German forces advanced towards Dalmatian coast, forcing many people to flee to Allied or Partizan controled areas. A sea captain transports a group of refugees to safety from the German-occupied island. The captain joins a convoy of boats to a free island, but he has engine trouble and must turn back for fuel. He soon discovers he has a couple of stowaways, his grandson Mikula and two of the boy's friends. The captain rows ashore, hoping to get a fuel jet for their disabled engine. He is wounded and arrested because the Germans believe he came to rescue the pilot of the British plane they shot down. Mikula tricks the Germans into letting his grandfather go and, in a daring maneuveur, obtains the needed fuel jet and repairs the boat's engine. The wounded pilot is found, and he and the grandfather are sheltered by townspeople. The grandfather orders Mikula to captain the boat, while he creates a diversion. Mikula then is able to pilot the boat and its passengers to safety.

Petre Prlicko........Captain Mikula
Tonci Vidan........
Manojlo Cvijanovic........
Josko Paxanin........


Me and You,

Australia 1974 19min
Broadcast 10/18/75, 07/11/76
Directed by: Bert Salzman

Presented without dialogue, this live-action film uses a background of aboriginal music to tell the story about a young Australian boy and his kangaroo. Robbie and his father unavoidably hit and kill a mother kangaroo with their jeep. The mother's baby survives the accieent, and the boy is permitted to keep it as a pet. The boy does his best to raise the orphaned baby and watches it grow into an affectionate pet, but the kangaroo also grows into a nuisance. The young kangaroo creates much mischief, shattering china and furniture, trampling the flower garden, and upsetting a local food stand. This angers the neighbors and shopkeepers, and eventually the kangaroo is shot at. Wounded, it runs into the bush for shelter. The heartbroken boy eventually finds it and nurses it back to health. However, it has become too difficult to control the kangaroo's activities, so the boy makes the painful decision to return it to the wild.

Brett Way........The Boy (Robbie)
Vladim¨ªr Brabec........Aboriginal
John Latham........Father
Cynthia Stirling........Mother

Notes: Presented by the Learning Corporation of America.

Captain Korda
Also known as: Kapitan Korda,
Haifischorden für den Kapitän

Czechoslovakia 1970 84min
Broadcast 10/25/75, 06/05/76
Directed by: Josef Pinkava

An unwanted youngster named Joey leaves a children's home to live with Mr. and Mrs. Korda. He is happy in their home, but his mother later decides she wants him back. The Kordas return the boy to his mother, but Joey is very unhappy there. The final blow comes when his stepfather tears apart a boat that Korda built for Joey and uses it to patch the barn. Running away, Joey falls asleep near the railroad tracks. His mother calls Korda, understanding that Joey would be better off with him. Korda finds the boy and takes him home, promising to build another boat for "Captain Korda"

Michal Vavruka........Joey/Pep¨ªk
Vladim¨ªr Brabec........Korda
Milena Dvorsk¨¢........Kordov¨¢
Drahom¨ªra Hofmanov¨¢........Joey's/Pep¨ªkova's Mother


Where's Johnny?
Also known as: Wo ist Johnny?

United Kingdom 1974 59min
Broadcast 11/01/75, 02/28/76
Directed by: David Eady

While walking his dog one day, Johnny is startled when Rags chases a cat into a laboratory at Medico House. The dog accidentally invents (and eats) a formula of invisibility when he causes Professor Graham's latest experiment to spill into a pan of fudge. A couple of crooks later seek ways to exploit this discovery.

Raymond Boal........Johnny
Kim Clifford........Becky
Perry Benson........Maurice
Graham Stark........Professor Graham

Notes: An Eady-Barnes/Children's Film Foundation Production

Nunu and the Zebra

South Africa-United Kingdom 1973 27min
Broadcast 11/22/75, 04/10/76
Directed by: Roland Robinson

A South African boy named Nunu becomes separated from his father in the African bush, but finds a friend in a lone zebra who leads the boy to food and water. Nunu's father, who told his son to run for safety when a prowling lion threatened, futilely searches for the boy. Not knowing If he will ever see his father again, Nunu wanders alone and afraid until he encounters a zebra separated from its herd. They soon become friends. Nunu's father, who has been conducting an air search for his son, finally locates him in a clearing. Nunu's delight at being found is tempered with sadness at leaving his friend, until he sees that the zebra has been reunited with its herd.

Tateni Popi........Nunu


Pero and His Companions
Also known as: Druzba Pere Kvrzice,
Pero Kvrica's Gang

Yugoslavia 1970 87min
Broadcast 11/29/75, 02/21/76
Directed by: Vladimir Tadej

Pero Kvrzica is a smart and clever boy from the village. He gathers a few of his friends together and takes them out for adventures. At the end of the village there is an old mill which is totally abandoned and overgrown with weeds, so the boys spend most of their time here during the summer. For many years the mill had a broken wheel which had not been fixed because of a disagreement among the farmers who used it. Pero and his friends secretly restore the abandoned mill. Pero is full of enthusiasm and succeeds in keeping the boys in order. They spend every spare minute repairing it until a boy named Savage "The Vandal" decides he wants to become the leader. This internal dissension threatens to stop the project, but Pero does not allow it to happen. Eventually, Savage and his friends leave the group. Pero and his companions---supported by their teacher---successfully repair the mill and present it to the surprised and appreciative peasants on graduation day.

Mladen Vasary........Pero Kvrzica
Dubravka Dolovcak........Janica
Boris Dvornik........Jozo policajac


Shopping Bag Lady

United States 1975 19min
Broadcast 02/11/76, 05/09/76
Directed by: Bert Salzman

Set in Manhattan's Central Park , this film is the poignant story of a teenage girl's encounter with a homeless old woman who carries all her belongings around in shopping bags. This encounter eventually leads to the girl's understanding of the problems of aging and the dignity of all individuals, regardless of their place in society.

Mildred Dunnock........Annie (Shopping Bag Lady)
Julie Wakefield........Emily
Holly Scott........Lucy

Notes: Presented by the Learning Corporation of America

Bag on Bag
Also known as: Kysh i Dvaportfelya, Goaway and Two Briefcases
Kysh ja Kaksisalkkua, Kish and Bag-on-Bag, Kivat kaverit
Goda vänner, Week with Kysh and Bag-on-Bag
Кыш и Двапортфеля

Soviet Union 1974 79min
Broadcast 02/21/76*, 03/6/76, 8/14/76
Directed by: Eduard Gavrilov

Aliosha, a pint sized 6 year-old, is about the size of two school bags on top of each other, earning him the nickname of "Bag on Bag". He and his small dog Kitch get into all kinds of trouble during their adventures. Kitch creates havoc in the apartment while Aliosha is at school. So one day the boy takes the dog to school in his bag, but the dog gets loose, disrupting classes and causing complete chaos. While Aliosha is taking a nap one afternoon, Kitch wanders into the hall and is stolen by an older boy who Aliosha once reported for stealing mail. The police, aided by a German Shepherd trained to track by scent, discover Kitch has been sold to a research center. A doctor there decides to perform a test to determine if their new arrival belongs to Aliosha. Gathering a number of dogs together, he lets each of them, including Kitch, sniff a note from Aliosha, saying that the dog who reacts positively will be given to the boy.

Andrei Kondratiev (Andryusha Kondratyev)........Aliosha
Also: Katya Kuznetsova, Larisa Luzhina, Leonid Kuravlev


*In some markets

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