The Yellow Slippers
Historia zóltej cizemki
Both of the Polish films featured on the Film Festival are available on DVD in their original language. You can purchase them from any number of sites, including
You can find a copy of "The Yellow Slippers" with an English dub on the compilation "Christian Scare Films Volume 4". The compilation can be purchased on either VHS or DVD-R:
Something Weird Website
Tony and the Tick-Tock Dragon
Hahó, Öcsi!
"This title is available on in the original Hungarian under the title "Hahó, Öcsi!". You can purchase it from various sources, including here.
The other Hungarian film featured on the Festival, "The Orange Watering Cart" aka "A Locsolókocsi", remains elusive.

Pero and His Companions
Druzba Pere Kvrzice
"Pero and His Companions" can be purchased on DVD in its original language at this site:
The Lone Wolf
Vuk samotnjak
Captain Mikula the Kid
Kapetan Mikula Mali
These two films, as well as "Pero", can be downloaded for a fee from Yugofilm
Heidi The 1965 version of "Heidi" that was featured on the Festival is readily available on DVD in Europe. is a fast and easy source for this title.

So far no source has been found for these titles:

The Wishmaker
Die Gansehirtin am Brunnen
Too Small in a Big World The Trumpet and I
Tjorven, Batsman, och Moses
Ferien auf Salkotran - Der verwunschene Prinz

"Tjorven, Batsman, and Moses" is available on DVD in both German and the original Swedish. Your best bet is to get the German version, which features both Swedish and German audio. The German DVD "Ferien auf Salkotran - Der verwunschene Prinz" can be easily ordered from the

No sources could be found for the following titles:

TickoCharlie the Rascal Nina and the Street Kids
Circus Adventure
Circus op stelten
Flying Without Wings
Peter en de vliegende autobus
Testadirapa Tiko and the Shark Un Amico Birds Come Flying to Us (Ptitsi Dolitat Do Nas)

Available as "Children's Treasures"  presented by Janus - The Lone Wolf, The Red Balllon, Stowaway to the Sky, White Mane, The Boy and His Elephant (Black Mountain)

Skinny and Fatty

The Blind Bird
Funny Stories
Friends for Life
Black Mountain
A Seafaring Dog 

The Magnificent 6 1/2
Egghead's Robot

Doggie and Three (VHS)
For Boys Is For Girls Also (VHS)
Adventure in Golden Bay (VHS)
Jumping Over Puddles (DVD)
Lucy and the Miracles (VHS)
Six Bears and a Clown (DVD) 

Tjorven, Batsman and Moses 
Tony and the TickTock Dragon

The Lone Wolf
Pero and His Companions
Captain Mikula, the Kid

Cold Pizza
First Winter
Paddle to the Sea
Soapbox Derby 

The Learning Corporation of America

"Merry Go Round Horse" also available on the compilation Son of Those Naughty Boys Flying Without Wings
Birds Come Flying to Us (Ptitsi Dolitat Do Nas)
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