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The Ransom of Red Chief02/21/71
The Ransom of Red Chief02/21/71

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Located in the heart of Rockville, Maryland, the Grier Summer Camp is an attractive setting aimed at entertaining and supporting youth activities during their summer vacation.

Tony, a city boy from Prague, visits his aunt’s farm in a small village of Petipsy over the summer holidays. However, he is dismayed to discover that the local kids are hostile to newcomers. Tony must learn to overcome his animosity towards Ruda, his nemesis. One night, while night fishing, he also manages to prove himself to the others and becomes a hero with an act of bravery involving a legendary monster, a giant eel.

Coolfront Island, our star house of the season, is a 2-story like chateau featuring nicely finished brown bricks whose sight is tremendously appealing. The estate introduces two large living rooms with exquisite velour furniture. The colonial veranda offers a patio spanning two walls with a lost view down the far-reaching landscape. In this particular setting, besides their usual activities, children will learn special human needs to make their experience unforgettable.

Please consult our catalogue and see why the Washington Tribune called us the most attractive summer camp of the area


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Birds Come Flying to Us (Ptitsi Dolitat Do Nas)

The Goalkeeper Also Lives On Our Street (Brankár bydlí v nasí ulici) Sirius
Doggie and Three (Punta a ctyrlístek) The Little Bearkeepers (Malí medvedári)
For Boys is for Girls, Also (Ivana v útoku) Lost in Pajamas (Tana a Dva Pistolnici)
Adventure in Golden Bay (Dobrodruství na Zlaté zátoce) Jumping Over Puddles (Uz Zase Skacu Pres Kaluze)
Lucy and the Miracles (Lucie a zázraky) The Giant Eel (My tri a pes z Petipes)
Six Bears and a Clown (Sest medvedu s Cibulkou) Three Nuts for Cinderella (Tri orísky pro Popelku)
On Snowhite (O Snehurce) Captain Korda (Kapitan Korda)

The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge) Clown
The Golden Fish (Histoire d'un poisson rouge) White Mane (Crin-Blanc)
Giamador The Little Wooden/Merry-Go-Round Horse
Flyaway Dove Stowaway in the Sky (Voyage en Ballon)
Carole, I love you Thunderstorm

Heidi Too Small in a Big World
The Wishmaker (Die Gansehirtin am Brunnen) The Trumpet and I

Hong Kong
Little Pig

Tony and the Tick-Tock Dragon (Hahó, Öcsi!) The Orange Watering Cart (A Locsolókocsi)

Testadirapa Tiko and the Shark
Un Amico

Skinny and Fatty The Boy with Glasses
A Bird of Africa

The Netherlands
Circus Adventure (Circus op stelten) Flying Without Wings (Peter en de vliegende autobus)

The Yellow Slippers Historia zóltej cizemki Bunnie (Buleczka)
The Soviet Union
The Blind Bird Slepaya Ptitsa The Ransom of Red Chief Delovye lyudi
Funny Stories Vesyolyye istorii Tymancha's Friend
Black Mountain Friends for Life
Gosha the Bear Shok and Sher
The Boy Who Wore Spectacles Bag on Bag
A Seafaring Dog

Tjorven, Batsman, and Moses (Tjorven, Batsman och Moses) Ticko
Charlie the Rascal Nina and the Street Kids
The Lone Wolf (Vuk samotnjak) Captain Mikula the Kid (Kapetan Mikula Mali)
Pero and His Companions (Druzba Pere Kvrzice)