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2006 Friendship Classic

Note: The files with an * next to the name are zip files. If you don't have a program to unzip the files, go here and download the Winzip trial program. You can also use Google to find free programs that will also do the trick.
The three junior files are not zipped, but were uploaded to Yousendit due to their size. These type of links tend to die quickly, so let me know if the file is no longer available, or better yet, ask a friend to upload it for you (hint hint).


Catherine Nguyen
- USA (WOGA) 22.4MB

Alia Mustafina
- Russia 27.3MB

Valeria Savelyeva
- Ukraine 25.2MB

Carol Byrne/Floor*
- USA (Girls Co-op) 9.3MB


Kailey Tissue/Vault&Floor*
- USA (WOGA) 9.9MB

Olivia Vivian/Uneven Bars*
- Australia 3.8MB

Mayu Kuroda/Uneven Bars&Floor*
- Japan 14.5MB

Daria Zgoba/Uneven Bars&Balance Beam**
- Ukraine 12.7MB

Kayla Hoffman/Vault&Floor*
- USA (Rebound) 14.5MB

Christine Nguyen/Balance Beam*
- USA (WOGA) 10.6MB

2006 Gymnix - 2006 Capital Cup

The routines can be found at .

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