The CBS Children's Film Festival
1968 Season

(February 5 - March 26)

Testa di Rapa
Also known as Una Testadirapa, Teacher, Blockhead, Turniphead
Teacher with the Golden Heart, Dhaskalitsa Me Tin Kali Kardhia

Italy 1965 94min
Broadcast 02/04/68 (Part 1), 02/11/68 (Part 2)
Directed by: Giancarlo Zagni

A comedy set in 1877 Tuscany that focuses on Gosto, whose carefree life of farming, fishing, and hunting is suddenly halted due to a compulsory education law, personified by the arrival of a pretty new teacher. The boy’s father, Testadirapa, is vehemently opposed to the new law and risks jail to keep his son home from school. He believes the boy will get more from roaming free than from attending classes indoors. Most galling to the father is the reaction of Gosto---who happens to like school. During a discussion with officials he resorts to the use of a shotgun to make his point, a foolish move. When Testadirapa is sentenced to six months in jail, the young teacher Gigliola takes care of the boy. She teaches him to have his way in life, while his father's old friend helps the boy to tend the fields. Despite their brief estrangement, father and son are later able to resume their former relationship.

Folco Lulli........Testadirapa
Federicco Piccolo (Scrobogna)........Gosto
Gigliola Cinquetti........Angelina
Franco Parenti........School Inspector
Umberto D’Orsi........Mayor

Notes: The film won the Silver Lion in the Children’s category at the 1966 International Film Fair in Venice. Despite this, censorship prevented its distribution in the Italian cinemas, since the movie was deemed to present a negative image of the Italian judicial system. A Greek version, with the young Federico replaced by Manlos Rambas, was made. This version runs 82 mins and was released in black and white.

Funny Stories
Also known as: Vesyolyye istorii, Веселые истории

Soviet Union 1962 88min
Broadcast 02/18/68
Directed by: Venyamin Dorman

The story centers on two mischievous friends, Mishka and Denis. Mishka is the more curious of the two, while Denis is the quiet one who reluctantly joins in. They have a chase on a motorbike, pretend they are cosmonauts in a barrel,and engage two girls in a free-for-all with spray paint.

Mikhail Kislyarov........Misha (Mishka)
Aleksandr Kekish........Sasha (Denis)
Nadezhda Fomintsina........Nadya
Yelena Druzhinina........Lena


Flash the Sheepdog

United Kingdom 1966 58min
Broadcast 03/03/68
Directed by: Laurence Henson

Film About a young English boy’s favorite pet. When Tom Stokes, a young English orphan from the city, comes to stay with his Uncle and Aunt on a border sheep farm, he meets Andra, a kindly shepherd. Andra introduces the boy to his first real Scottish friend, Flash, a Border Collie pup. A next door neighbor, an unscrupulous bully, challenges Tom to prove Flash against his own dog in the local Sheepdog trials.

Earl Younger........Tom Stokes
Ross Campbell........Dougie
Alex Allan........Andra
Victor Carin........Uncle John
Margaret Greig........Elspeth

Notes: An International Film Associates Production, sponsored by the Children's Film Foundation. Filmed in the hills bordering Scotland and English, this was the first feature-length motion picture produced by a Scottish unit since the 1920s. Voted the most popular motion picture of the children's section at the 1967 Moscow Film Festival.


The Goalkeeper Also Lives
on Our Street

Also known as: Brankár bydlí v nasí ulici

Czechoslovakia 1957 81min
Broadcast 03/10/68
Directed by: Cenek Duba

A boy dreams of winning an ice hockey game. Meanwhile, a professional hockey star moves into the neighborhood, offering his services as a goalkeeper--leading two rival teams of Prague schoolboys, The Little Lions and The Devil Street Boys, to fall over themselves in order to gain his favor. The goalie's son, basking in his father's glory, is asked to replace a member of the Lions team, prompting the usual boyish rivalries and battles. Some of the Lions players are so preoccupied with the impending "big game" that their schoolwork suffers, to the chagrin of their teachers and parents.

Otomar Korbelar........Hockey Star
Prokop........Přemysl Kočí
Hrnčíř........Miroslav Homola
Sviták........Pavel Spálený
Učitel........Vladimír Hlavat


Also Broadcast:
Skinny and Fatty02/25/68
The Blind Bird03/17/68
Hand in Hand* 03/24/68

*Special 90 minute broadcast

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