The CBS Children's Film Festival
1976-1977 Season

Charlie the Rascal
Also known as: Anderssonskans Kalle

Sweden 1972 102min
Broadcast 09/18/76*, 05/07/77
Directed by: Arne Stivell

This film follows the adventures of a mischievous boy who turns his pranks to constructive purposes in 1930’s Stockholm. The title character is the constant torment of his South Side Stockholm neighborhood, where he lives with his mother and older sister. His mother sees him as a good natured boy, but his victims see him as the devil himself. When an untrustworthy real estate developer attempts to buy out his family and the other tenants of his old building for an unjustly low price, Charlie turns from his devilish pranks to give the developer a taste of his own medicine and get a fair price for the property. He sets about his task with the experience of all his mischievous years and the help of his sister's fiance.

Tord Tjädersten........Charlie/Kalle
Sickan Carlsson........Mother

Notes: A sequel, "Anderssonskans Kalle i busform", was made in 1973.
A Film AB Cosmos Production.

Egghead's Robot

United Kingdom 1970 56min
Broadcast 09/18/76*, 06/11/77
Directed by: Milo Lewis

An inventive English boy named Egghead realizes his limitations on the cricket field. So he and his sister Elspeth program their dad's invention, a robot that looks like Egghead, to take his place on the team. The robot also takes over the boy's chores and attends school for him, with regrettable results.

Keith Chegwin........Egghead Wentworth
Jeffrey Chegwin........Eric the Robot
Kathryn Dawe........Elspeth
Richard Wattis........Paul Wentworth
Patricia Routledge........Mrs. Wentworth

Notes: A Children's Film Foundation Production


Czechoslovakia 1974 50min
Broadcast 09/25/76, 08/20/77
Directed by: Frantisek Vlácil

A film about a German Shepherd named Sirius (after the Great Dog star of Canis Major) and his star-gazing young master, a boy named Frank Kalas. Frank lives by the railroad tracks in a German occupied Czech village where his father is the railroad gatekeeper. The boy and his devoted pet bring joy to each other as they run around in the countryside surrounding their farm. After the boy's father is taken by the Nazis and accused of sabotaging a nearby train, the boy is ordered by the Gestapo to surrender Sirius to them to be trained as a war dog. The boy resorts to tragic measures to prevent this.

Michal Vavrusa........Frank/Frantisek
Jana Hlavácková........Mother
Karel Chromik........Father

Notes: Won the Grand Prix at the Tehran Children's Film Festival

The Firefighters

United Kingdom 1974 56min
Broadcast 10/02/76, 01/29/77
Directed by: Jonathan Ingrams

Shortly after young Bob Grant, who lives with his sister and brother next to a fire station, is finally given an official junior fire brigade badge, he is lauded for his alertness in saving from destruction a factory set on fire by two thieves. From then on, the thieves make life miserable for the youngster by planting evidence that makes him look like an arsonist. Bob and his siblings set out to prove the boy innocent and expose the criminals.

Simon Gipps-Kent........Bob
Sharon Fussey........Sally
Vincent Hall........Tim

Notes: A Children's Film Foundation Production.

Nina and the Street Kids
Also known as: Rännstensungar, Guttersnipes

Sweden 1974 97min
Broadcast 10/09/76, 6/18/77
Directed by: Torgny Anderberg

This story, set in the 1930s, centers around Nina, a preteen girl paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. When Nina's mother dies, Mr. Filean, an undiscovered artist who lives in the attic of the same ghetto building, is appointed her temporary guardian. His main objective is to sell some of his work and raise enough money to see that Nina gets the medical attention that may allow her to walk again. While trying to provide for the two of them, Mr. Filean also has to deal with a custody battle with Ms. Carlson, who thinks it is an outrage that a painter who can hardly take care of himself is left to take care of a young girl. There are other challenges, courtesy of the unpleasant building superintendent, which include the looming threat of eviction and accusations of theft. The artist is assisted in his struggles by several people, including a social worker and a little gang of "Street kids", who who help Nina to obtain the medical attention she requires.

Karin Falck........Nina/Ninni
Cornelis Vreeswijk........John Filean/Johan Fahlen
Anita Lindblom........Ingrid Sanner
Monica Zetterlund........Mrs. Carlson/Malinda Karlsson

Notes: The film is a musical, but it is likely the songs did not survive the editing required for the Festival's one hour timeslot.
A remake/update of the 1944 film "Rännstensungar", in turn this version was remade/updated with the 2006 film "Förortsungar".

Winter of the Witch

United States 1969 24min
Broadcast 10/30/76, 03/12/77
Directed by: Gerald Herman

A ciy boy and his mother travel to a country house described to them as warm and lovely and a great bargain. It not only turns out to be rundown, creaky and dilapidated, but it also houses a surprise, a scraggly witch who is thoroughly indignant at the invasion of what she considers to be her home. The intruders' presence forces the witch to adjust to the modern world, and to stop being a bad witch. She reforms in her own rather unique way and conjures up a special treat to help solve the world's unhappiness.

Hermione Gingold........Witch
Anna Strasberg........Mother
Roger Morgan........Nicky

Notes: Distributed by Parents' Magazine Films Inc.

The Flying Sorcerer

United Kingdom 1973 50min
Broadcast 11/06/76, 07/09/77
Directed by: Harry Booth

The story begins in the laboratory of Uncle Charlie, whose secret and not quite perfected invention, a time machine, is accidentally activated and transports the inventor and his nephew David back to the middle ages. Outside a medieval castle, David meets a young girl named Lady Eleanor, whose father is off on Crusades, and her slightly bumbling sorcerer. Vanquishing a dragon, the boy brings the now-docile beast, along with Lady Eleanor and the sorcerer, back to his friends and family in the present.

Kim Burfield........David Hawkins
Debbie Russ........Lady Eleanor
John Bluthal........Uncle Charlie
Erik Chitty........Sir Roger

Notes: Distributed by the Children's Film Foundation

Cold Pizza

Canada 1972 19min
Broadcast 12//04/76, 04/02/77
Directed by: Larry Kent

This film follows the comic escapades of two Greek boys trying to raise enough cash to leave wintry Montreal and join their Dad at their sunny homeland. They develope a unique method of keeping delivery pizza warm in the frigid climate.

Cast: Tom Contos, Robert Daviau

Notes: A National Film Board of Canada Production

Also known as: Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World

United Kingdom 1973 88min
Broadcast 01/08/77, 06/25/77
Directed by: Joseph McGrath

Complications arise when a lovable sheepdog accidentally ingests a mysterious miracle powder called "Project X" and grows to be the size of a horse. The canine experiences a series of unique adventures as a sort of guinea pig and ends up larger than a mountain.

Jim Dale........Jeff Eldon
Spike Milligan........Dr. Harz
Angela Douglas........Janine
John Bluthal........Jerry

Notes: Featured in the video "Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama Show Vol. 1"

A Bird of Africa
Also known as: Africa no tori,
Flyttfåglar, The Bird from Africa,
African Bird

Japan 1975 85min
Broadcast 01/22/77, 07/16/77
Directed by: Tadahiko Isomi

A bird found nesting on a local riverbank intrigues a group of children in this film about amateur ornithologists. The children abandon their favorite play area to study for their junior high school entrance examination and discover the nest of a rare African bird. Pals Tsuyoshi and Toru have different approaches to their work. The former is remiss in his studies, while the latter, under his mother's supervision, spends long hours of intensive study. Tsuyoshi's preference for studying the African bird leads him on the path to ornithology and journalism. He issues his own newspaper, but Toru's mother will not allow her son to have a copy of the paper for fear it will interfere with his studies.

Masahiro Kamiya........Tsuyoshi
Toshitara Soneya........Toru
Masanori Mogi........Masaaki
Kenji Sato........Seiichi
Kyoko Togawa........Noriko
Yoshi Kato........Torus' Father
Kaoru Yachigusa........Tsuyoshi's Mother

Notes: A Nikkatsu Corporation Production

A Seafaring Dog
Also known as: Solenyj Pes, Solyonyy pyos
Salty Dog, Соленый пес

Soviet Union 1973 74min
Broadcast 02/05/77, 07/30/77
Directed by: Nikolaj Koshelev

A drama about the adventures of an abandoned canine who turns into a salty sailor. The story follows an abandoned puppy from his birthplace in a Russian coastal town through a seafaring career that results from his adoption by a naval officer who names him Salty and makes him the ship's mascot. Salty's sailing days are interrupted when, during a visit to shore where Salty runs off to play with another dog, the ship sails without him. Salty is left stranded, homeless and without food.

Vladimir Menshov........Sailor Martiamov
Also: Tatyana Shestakova, Nikolai Lavrov, Vitautas Paukste



Broadcast 02/19/77, 05/21/77
Directed by:

A film about a lonely, bored little six-year-old who uses a variety of schemes to achieve companionship while her mother is at work. Her mother Nina works at a college of veterinary medicine in Stockholm. The girl devises plans to visit her mother at work by picking up stray pets and pretending they are ill. Although her plans do not work out exactly as she had hoped, her need for companionship is resolved by an even better idea worked out by her mother.

Jelna Rundqvist........Ticko
Anita Ekstroem........Mother
Verna Lindberg........Aunt Saga

Notes: Based on a short story by Maud Reuterswaerd
A production of Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, Channel One

Also known as: Das Zirkuspferd

United Kingdom 1969 57min
Broadcast 04/09/77, 08/06/77
Directed by: Ian Shand

A riding stable’s acquisition of a temperamental circus pony called Mischief leads to unforeseen problems. After David Brewer persuades a stable owner to give him a job handling the cantankerous pony, Mischief, the youngster discovers, upon noticing the animal prance around to flute music, that his charge must have been a circus pony trained to dance. David's ability to handle the gifted little animal causes resentment among the other young stable boys, who launch a campaign to cause trouble for David and make him look incapable in his employer's eyes. When Mischief inadvertently throws young Jenny, the horse is slated to be destroyed. A happy ending ensues after Mischief helps Davy rescue Jenny from a grisly fate.

Paul Fraser........David
Iain Murton........Harry
Adrienne Byrne........Jenny
Michael Newport........Sam

Notes: A Shand/Children's Film Foundation Production

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