The CBS Children's Film Festival
1971 Season

(February 14 - March 7)


Felipa, and

Geronimo Jones

Broadcast 01/31/71
Directed by: Bert Salzman

Trilogy about minority group children.

1. Miguel: Up From Puerto Rico
United States 1970 15min

Story of a boy (Kelvin Malave) who moves to New York City with his family. He finds his ability to speak English and Spanish puts him at an advantage in assisting his family in their new surroundings. Miguel later stretches his ingenuity to an extreme when, to put food on his family’s table, he goes fishing in the heavily polluted East River.

2. Felipa: North of the Border
United States 1971 17min

A bilingual girl (Phyllis Ann Valencia) of Mexican-American parents has ambitions to be a teacher. She gets early experience when she helps her uncle learn English so he can obtain a driver's license for a new job.

3. Geronimo Jones
United States 1970 20min

A young Papago-Apache (Martin Soto) in Arizona is torn between the traditions of his heritage and the challenging life led by his cousin, who left the reservation to become an astronomer. The boy is also faced with deciding whether to keep a tribal artifact from his grandfather or to trade it for a new TV. He does the latter in order to buy a birthday present for the grandfather. However, when Geronimo turns on the TV, the two are instantly reminded of the relationship of the Native American to contemporary society.

Notes: Learning Corporation of America Productions.
IMDB (Geronimo Jones)

Also known as: LØVEN ER LØS
Corazon de Leon

United Kingdom 1968 57min
Broadcast 02/07/71
Directed by: Michael Forlong

A little English boy and his friends attempt to feed an escaped circus lion that they are harboring. The lion is harmless, but the kids must try to save it from soldiers who have been ordered to find the big cat and slay it on sight. Eventually the soldiers discover the lion in the boy's barn and prepare to shoot it at the very moment that circus people are rushing to the scene. The boy pleads with his father to order the soliders off his property, but they refuse to go, and he is forced to risk his own life to protect the animal.

James Forlong........Andrew Fowler
Louise Rush........Robert
Robert Dean........Father
Pauline Yates........Mother

Notes: A Children's Film Foundation Production

Tiko and the Shark
Also known as: Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane
Ti-Koyo et son requin, Ti-Koyo and His Shark
Tiko och hajen, Tiko og haien

Italy/France 1962 88min
Broadcast 02/14/71
Directed by: Folco Quilici

A Polynesian boy named Tiko and his beloved pet shark Manidù provide the basis of this South Seas adventure. The boy finds a helpless baby shark and, with the help of a friend from the States, Diana, raises it as a pet. After the shark reaches adulthood, the boy reluctantly returns it to the ocean. Diana also departs back to the States for an education. Ten years pass, and the natives are being forced to leave their fisheries by modern, more organized fishermen. Leading the way to progress is Diana's brother. Tiko is now a young man and works as a pearl diver. One day his life is endangered and he finds himself rescued by his shark. He is thrilled to be reunited with his old friend, but his happiness is cut short when the modern fishermen destroy his village and force the residents to flee. By this time Diana has returned from the States. She, Tiko, and the shark soon leave the island to find a peaceful home of their own.

Dennis Pouira........Ti-Koyo (child)
Diane Samsoi........Diana (child)
Marlene Among........Diana
Al Kauwe........Ti-Koyo

Notes: The film was remade with 1981's "Beyond the Reef".

The Little Wooden Horse

A pair of French shorts about youngsters and horses
Broadcast 03/07/71

1. Glamador 1955 45min
Directed by: Denys Colomb de Daunant

Glamador is desolate island off the south of France in the Camargue, where the River Rhone flows into the Mediterranean, is the only area in the country where cowboys roam the plains and escaped wild horses are found. A teenaged boy from the island of Calargue must fill in for his sick grandfather and bring back a herd of wild horses. The boy learns to respect and admire these animals, to the point that he turns his own horse loose to join the herd. He soon becomes torn between his responsibility to return the horses and his desire to see them run free.

Alain Emery........The Boy
Renee Genin........Grandfather's voice

Notes: The director wrote the script for "White Mane", which also starred Alain Emery

2. The Little Wooden Horse

John and Julie

United Kingdom 1954 83min
Broadcast 03/07/71
Directed by: William Fairchild

8-year-old Julie’s greatest dream is to see the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London. So she charms her 12-year-old friend John into reluctantly running away with her to Buckingham Palace. The pair hop trains, "borrow" stray bicycles, and do whatever it takes to get to London on time. With the help of several eccentric types, they are able to see the Queen's coronation.

Colin Gibson........John Pritchett
Lesley Dudley........Julie
Noelle Middleton........Miss Stokes
Sid James........Mr. Pritchett
Meg Jenkins........Mrs. Pritchett

Notes: The film won an award in the children’s category of the Venice Film Festival.
The film is notable for an early appearance by Peter Sellars as a constable.
The show expanded to 90 minutes for this broadcast.

Also Broadcast:
The Ransom of Red Chief02/21/71

The Festival joins the Saturday morning/afternoon lineup in September 1971.

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