The CBS Children's Film Festival

Skinny and Fatty
The Blind Bird
The Red Balloon
The Golden Fish
The Yellow Slippers
The Ransom of Red Chief
The Boy with Glasses
White Mane
The Boy Who Owned a Melephant
Hand in Hand

Testa di Rapa
Funny Stories
Flash the Sheepdog
The Goalkeeper Also Lives On Our Street
Also: Skinny and Fatty, The Blind Bird, and Hand in Hand


Clown and Other Stories
The Little Wooden Horse
The Boy and the Airplane
The Lupinek Case
The Magnificent 6 1./2
Doggie and Three
Adventure in the Hopfields
The Little Bearkeepers
Also: Skinny and Fatty, TestadiRapa, and Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand


Miguel, Felipa, and Geronimo Jones
Miguel: Up From Puerto Rico
Felipa: North of the Border
Geronimo Jones
Tiko and the Shark
Glamador and The Little Wooden Horse
John and Julie
Also: The Ransom of Red Chief

Cry Wolf
Elephant River
Up in the Air
For Boys Only Is For Girls Also
The Little Ones
A Ghost of a Chance
Lost in Pajamas
Also: Flash the Sheepdog, Blind Bird, Tiko and the Shark, TestadiRapa, Lionheart,
Skinny and Fatty, The Boy With Glasses, Funny Stories, John and Julie, Hand in Hand,
and The Goalkeeper Also Lives on Our Street

Stowaway in the Sky
Tymanchaís Friend
The Johnstown Monster
Danger Point

Clown and Other Stories
Carole, I Love You
Mr. Horatio Knibbles
Headline Hunters
Tjorven, Batsman and Moses
Adventure in Golden Bay
Tony and the Tick-Tock Dragon
Also: The Yellow Slippers, Tiko and the Shark, Elephant River,
TestadiRapa, Skinny and Fatty, John and Julie, The Little Ones,
Hand in Hand, and The Goalkeeper Also Lives On Our Street

Jumping Over Puddles
Lucy and the Miracles
The Lone Wolf
Birds Come Flying to Us
Countdown to Danger
The Giant Eel
Black Mountain
The Magnificent 6 1/2
Six Bears and a Clown
Friends for Life
Gosha the Bear
Also: Scramble, Tjorven, Batsman and Moses, Stowaway in the Sky,
Tony and the Tick-Tock Dragon, Tymancha's Friend, Mr. Horatio Knibbles,
The Yellow Slippers, Adventure in Golden Bay, The Johnstown Monster

Three Nuts for Cinderella
Paganini Strikes Again
Shok and Sher
Anoop and the Elephant
The Orange Watering Cart
Circus Adventure
The Boy Who Wore Spectacles
Mauro the Gypsy
A Member of the Family
Un Amico
Strange Holiday
Also: Black Mountain, Lucy and the Miracles, The Lone Wolf,
Birds Come Flying to Us, The Giant Eel, Gosha the Bear,
Countdown to Danger, Friends for Life, Jumping Over Puddles,
Six Bears and a Clown

On Snow White
What Next?
The Camerons
Captain Mikula, the Kid
Me and You, Kangaroo
Captain Korda
Whereís Johnny?
Nunu and the Zebra
Pero and His Companions
Bag on Bag
Shopping Bag Lady
Also: Tiko and the Shark, Shok and Sher, Black Mountain,
Mauro the Gypsy, The Orange Watering Cart, The Giant Eel
The Boy Who Wore Spectacles, Three Nuts for Cinderella,
Friends for Life, Un Amico

A Bird of Africa
The Firefighters
A Seafaring Dog
Winter of the Witch
Cold Pizza
Charlie the Rascal
Egghead's Robot
Nina and the Street Kids
The Flying Sorcerer
Also: Me and You, Kangaroo, Shopping Bag Lady, Three Nuts for Cinderella,
What Next?, Bag on Bag, Whereís Johnny? Pero and His Companions, Captain Korda,
On Snow White, Captain Mikula, the Kid, and Tiko and the Shark

Angel and Big Joe
Two Famous Legends: Paul Bunyon and John Henry
The Chiffy Kids
Friend or Foe
Little Pig
My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson
Thatís My Name, Donít Wear It Out
Soapbox Derby
The Show Must Go On
Miguelís Navidad
Also: Winter of the Witch, The Little Wooden Horse, Nunu and the Zebra,
Shopping Bag Lady, Miguel and Felipa, The Magnificent 6 1/2, Geronimo Jones

Starbuck Valley Winter
The Chiffy Kids
My Main Man
Get Used to Me
Death of a Gandy Dancer
The Promise
The Secret
Also: Two Famous Legends: Paul Bunyon and John Henry,
Angel and Big Joe, Geronimo Jones, Soapbox Derby, Chimpmates
Thatís My Name Donít Wear It Out, Shopping Bag Lady, Joey

The Festival is put on the Saturday afternoon schedule, and airdates
are listed for September-November 1982, but to date no specifics can be
found as to which films were aired.

Flyaway Dove
The Unicorn
Flying without Wings
First Winter
The Violin
Brown Wolf
Too Small in a Big World
The Seven Ravens
The Old Junkman
Paddle to the Sea

The Mysterious Spy
The Wishmaker
The Trumpet and I
Beware of the Jabberwock
Tom Thumb
The Fisherman and his Wife
Tillie, the Unhappy Hippopotomus
How the Elephant Got His Trunk
Mi Mi, the Lazy Kitten
Billy Goat's Bluff
Peter and the Wolf
The Ugly Duckling

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